Our Naïve President

Right now Congress can raise the debt ceiling. Right now Congress can take actions to bolster job creation. Right now Congress can pass legislation to help the middle class in the short-term as well as the long-term. That’s what our naïve President said moments ago during his first press conference in three months.

Well, the House is on vacation this week and the Senate will be on vacation next week, so let’s not hold our breath. While it’s true that in theory Congress could actually get something done in the near future, the rhetoric coming from the right makes the notion that Congress can accomplish anything rather doubtful. President Obama said call him naïve, he thinks Congress can do the right thing.

What’s the right thing? Balance the burden of deficit reduction on the backs of the poor and disenfranchised through increased cuts, and in the pockets of billionaires and too big to fail businesses through increased taxes. Sasha and Malia can get their homework done on time, and in the words of Joe Lieberman, it’s a shame if Congress can’t get the job done.

As the President said of Congress, you already took the vacation, you already bought the car – you can’t now decide you’re not gonna pay your bills.


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