Where are the jobs?

The Labor Department reported Friday morning that the economy added just 18,000 net jobs last month, or roughly six figures below the consensus forecast from economic analysts. And although most experts concede this report demonstrates that austerity is killing the recovery, republicans still defend their proven wrong once again fiscal policies.

Republican excuses range from higher gas prices to the disaster in Japan to bad weather here at home. They have no answer to the facts staring them in the face; that private sector job growth was offset by republican statehouses slashing public sector jobs. It’s kinda hard to put much stock in their tiresome attacks on President Obama, especially when republicans swept into power last November promising the American people jobs, jobs, jobs – and thus far they’ve not passed a single piece of jobs legislation.


4 thoughts on “Where are the jobs?

  1. Don in Mass says:

    With this gang of asshole Republicans, its only going to get worse, before it gets better. They don’t to do shit, as they are still pissed that Obama is President, and not grumpy McCain. They should get over it, and do something, and fast.

  2. Auto 5 says:

    You’re right. They’re playing games, but hurting real people in the process.

  3. lobotero says:

    180 days in power and 0 jobs created and 0 jobs bills offered…..hope the voter is happy with their choices last election…..

  4. Auto 5 says:

    Hi, Lobotero, you can bet I’ll be making that argument from now until Nov. 2012. 🙂

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