The choice is yours.

Apparently my writing skills could use a little improvement. This post was intended to be an indictment against Michele Bachmann’s, and her husband’s, views on homosexuality. It was, as the category clearly states, satire. No one supports the LGBT community any more fervently than I do…

The choice is yours.

All left-handed people are going straight to hell; the Bible says so. In America, God’s Country, being left-handed is a worse fate than being a slave. But take heart, left-handed evildoers – there is a cure. It’s called prayer.

Yes, the Lord God Almighty who created heaven and earth has the power to heal your infirmity and secure for you everlasting joy, if you accept Jesus into your heart and truly repent. Or, you can remain a slave to your sin and burn in the lake of fire forever.

The choice is yours.

I implore you, if you’re living with the scourge of left-handedness, go to Bachmann and Associates. They will help you pray the left-handedness away!


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