Eric, don’t call my bluff.

Liberals are pissed at Barack Obama, again… So, what else is new? They’re mad at him because he didn’t walk out on yesterday’s debt ceiling meeting.

Early reports were that Eric Cantor said Obama stormed out of the meeting. Later reports confirmed Cantor interrupted the President three times as he was trying to wrap up what turned out to be a very contentious meeting. Cantor was pressing for a short-term deal that had already been struck down.

Obama warned: “I’m going to take this to the American people.” Obama would not back down on a comprehensive deal to raise debt ceiling, even if it jeopardizes his reelection chances. “Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here?” he reportedly asked. “I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this.”

Liberals immediately went after Obama the moment they heard that. Obama is weak… Obama is spineless…

Really? Listen to what he wants out of this deal. He wants an end to ethanol subsidies. He wants hedge-fund managers to pay income tax instead of capital gains tax. He wants guys who own yachts to not be able to get a second-home mortgage deduction on them.

To republicans, Obama is Karl Marx. To democrats, he’s Neville Chamberlain. The real hindrance to getting a deal done isn’t Obama. It’s not even John Boehner, he’s trying to navigate through rough waters within his own party; and those waters are being churned by none other than – Eric Cantor.


4 thoughts on “Eric, don’t call my bluff.

  1. Don in Mass says:

    Cantor is nothing but a weaselly piece of shit. He has no respect for Obama. None what so ever.

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