Leave Marcus Alone!

Barack Obama will be the last President of the United States from the Democratic Party. There’s no disputing that. With forty states recently enacting voter suppression laws, this is a mathematical certainty. Michele Bachmann will be the first female President of the United States, at least as things stand right now. While Washington is playing silly games over raising the debt ceiling, the vast majority of Americans care about one thing and one thing only – jobs.

Since the republican party has assumed power, compliments of the Tea Party tsunami last November, not a single jobs bill has been presented to Obama for his signature. However, republicans have done a marvelous job torturing logic and have put this failure squarely on Obama. Hell, Obama’s solution to the debt crisis cuts the deficit more than the republican’s plan; but because it increases revenues, the Tea Party will never go along with it. Another in a long list of failures by this Administration; caused by republicans, for which Obama is blamed.

To my point about Marcus Bachmann. He will be the first First Man. He’s been getting quite a lot of heat for battling his own demons, with regard to his homosexuality. And most of the attacks are coming from liberals, who usually support the LGBT community. We’re sending the wrong message. The culture wars will only escalate once a gay republican moves into the White House. Will we be divided by partisanship? Or will we be united in the struggle for equal rights for all Americans…


2 thoughts on “Leave Marcus Alone!

  1. Quin says:

    Excellent analysis (though I sort of hope you’re wrong – for the sake of America and Americans).

    This is what I say most frequently when commenting over on Info Ink – politicians these days spend almost ALL their time and energy palying the political game and it has NOTHING to do with running the country. It is the fault of your system, of course, that it can so easily be hijacked by “special interests”, which all directly or indirectly lead back to big money.

    That is clearly partly for the sake of self interest in the short term, but also for the longer term too. Except for the fun they provide, I’m not normally much into conspiracy theories, but in this case the US does appear to me to be in the process of being taken over by a fairly small and very wealthy elite group in a clandestine and, so far, more or less bloodless coup.

    The burning question in my mind is: if the people do wake up and see this for what it is, will it remain as bloodless? Indeed, either way, with the arsenal of weaponry America currently has at the disposal of all sorts of megalomaniacs, what will it mean for the rest of humanity?

    It could be that serious!

  2. Auto 5 says:

    Thanks for a great comment, Quin. You may be right about revolution being in the wind. But I always thought so-called “people’s revolutions” were backed, or even orchestrated by very high-powered moneyed interests. My first thought being the Bolshevik uprising in Russia.
    Megalomaniacs: I’m thinking Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers?

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