Hope that clears it up…

Washington’s debt ceiling showdown is nearing a dramatic Hollywood blockbuster conclusion sure to keep pundits and partisans on the edge of their seats till the final credits roll. This is clearly a case where right-versus-wrong logic fails us. There are many conflicting and divergent aspects to this situation.

Republicans generally believe taxes are a drain on the market, which is bad for jobs. Democrats generally believe the only fiscally responsible position is to look at both sides of the ledger, revenues and spending. Some on the left sincerely believe the federal government has an obligation to stand up for the disenfranchised. Some on the right sincerely believe in limited government. Many simply enjoy the brinksmanship. Some are wholly owned subsidiaries of interest groups. Most of them are worried about getting reelected. And I believe all of them think they’re doing what’s best for the country.

Hope that clears it up…


3 thoughts on “Hope that clears it up…

  1. sekanblogger says:

    I don’t share your belief that they think they are doing best for the country.
    They KNOW they are doing best for their owners.
    That’s how they get re-elected.
    Just ask the Koch brothers….

  2. Don in Mass says:

    Do as the Koch Brothers say, and through in Grover Norquist too.

  3. Thanks, guys.
    I figured I’d get a little backlash for this one. I’m trying to use non-judgmental reasoning. Believe me, that ain’t easy to do in politics! 🙂

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