The sanctity of life.

This story and the thousands of negative comments in response to it really upset and confounded me:

By AMANDA LEE MYERS | Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) — The mother of a 19-year-old man fatally shot in the back by a U.S. Border Patrol agent has sued the federal government and the agent himself, claiming it was “an appalling use of excessive force” because her son was unarmed, had his back to the agent and posed no threat.

Guadalupe Guerrero said Monday that the Border Patrol had no right to take her son’s life, even if he had marijuana in his truck as they say — though she disputed the allegation.

A Border Patrol agent identified by police as Lucas Tidwell shot Carlos La Madrid three times — twice in the back and once in the thigh — as he climbed a ladder on the U.S.-Mexico border fence in southeastern Arizona on March 21, 2011.

The Arizona man, who did not have a weapon, fell to the ground and died about five hours later at a hospital.

“Why did they kill him? Who are they to play God?” Guerrero said in Spanish on what would have been her son’s 21st birthday…

I couldn’t find even one sympathetic comment for a mother who tragically lost a child. This sad tale has lots of red meat for conservatives: The border, the drugs, Spanish as a first language, and a lawsuit. Apparently in this Christian Nation it’s okay for law enforcement to shoot an unarmed suspect in the back.

Just like the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Family Values Pro-Life Christians support the taking of a human life. I’ve tried to understand the blood-lust of these people. I just can’t reconcile how these people steadfastly believe in the sanctity of life for the  unborn, yet have no compassion once that life emerges from the womb.


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