The Stupidest People in the World

President Obama Threatens to Veto “Cut, Cap and Balance”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is a big sponsor of the bill and noted his party is doing what they promised when they got elected. “[T]his is just kicking the can down the road. And that’s — the American people sent us here to make big tough choices. They didn’t send us here to set up a commission, give the president veto power. That’s not what they sent us here to do,” he said on Fox News Sunday.

“We are headed for a cliff. If we don’t fix it, it’s — now, we are in big trouble,” Jordan added.

While there is some support in the House, it is not expected to make it through the Senate.

Did you catch that? Cut, Cap and Balance doesn’t have enough support to get through the House; but even if it did, it would never pass in the Senate. It’s just the latest in a long list of symbolic votes John Boehner and his Republican comrades have made in order to please their base ahead of the next election. But Republicans – and Fox News, of course – are already attacking Obama for saying if this ridiculous bill came to his desk he’s not retarded enough to sign it.

Given that we’re speeding headlong into Great Depression II unless the debt ceiling is raised – and raised soon – the President has been working nearly nonstop to negotiate a deal with Republicans who continue to play foolish games like Cut, Cap and Balance. With all this going on, we’ve recently heard from the stupidest people in the world:

Representatives of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee took Obama’s campaign headquarters in downtown Chicago by storm early this afternoon. The group, led by press secretary Neil Sroka, was there to deliver a petition signed by 200,000 of its members. If Obama allows Congress to make cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security funding during deliberations over the debt ceiling and the federal deficit, those who signed the petition pledge to refuse to donate or volunteer to Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Please remember recent history on this one. Last November unions sat out the elections because they didn’t think the Democratic Party was working hard enough for them. Union-busting republicans, like Scott Walker, swept into office. The LGBT community also withdrew support last November. The result? Well, for example, in Pa. a Rick Santorum clone was elected to the Senate, while Congressman Patrick Murphy, the guy who got rid of DADT actually lost!

So, Progressive Change Campaign, what do you think Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are gonna look like under President Bachmann?


Put Up Or Shut Up

While nearly all politicians in Washington have been spending their time posturing to their bases regarding the impending debt ceiling disaster, one guy has actually been working to solve the problem. He’s Senator Tom Coburn (R – OK).

His 9 trillion dollar deficit reduction plan has a little bit of everything: spending cuts that republicans will love but democrats will hate; increased revenues that democrats will love but republicans will hate; and entitlement reform that the American people will hate.


Among the proposed cuts in Coburn’s plan include $974.1 billion in cuts from the general government, as well as billions from Congress and the Executive Office of the President. Those reductions would be achieved partially by cutting 300,000 jobs from the federal workforce, and imposing a three-year pay and bonus freeze for federal workers and Congress members.

The proposal also targets more than a trillion dollars from the Department of Defense budget, as well as hundreds of billions from the departments of Energy, Homeland Security, Justice, and Education. NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Small Business Administration and numerous other government agencies are also hit with billions in reductions.


The senator, however, does not limit his proposed savings to spending cuts alone: the plan also carves out more than $990 billion that could be saved by overhauling the tax code and eliminating “the most egregious tax giveaways.”

“Politicians love to play the tax code because it benefits the politicians,” Coburn said on Monday.

Among the proposed tax reforms include the elimination of breaks that are duplicative of government funding for local economic initiatives, the elimination of special interest corporate tax breaks, and cutting what Coburn describes as “misguided subsidies” for some clean energy initiatives.


Coburn’s plan – the most expansive such proposal put forth so far – also calls for major reforms to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security that would amount to more than $2.5 trillion in cuts over the next ten years.

Some of the reforms to Medicare and Medicaid include raising the eligibility age for Medicare recipients, tracking high prescribers and prescription drug users to detect abuse, enrolling low-income seniors in Medicaid managed care programs, and reducing subsidies to teaching hospitals for graduate medical education.

For Social Security, Coburn proposes restraining benefits for high earners, raising the retirement age, and adjusting cost-of-living calculations to more accurately reflect inflation.

I urge both parties to at least use Coburn’s plan as a template to get a deal done. The plan may be far from perfect, but it’s the best thing I’ve seen so far.

Leave Marcus Alone!

Barack Obama will be the last President of the United States from the Democratic Party. There’s no disputing that. With forty states recently enacting voter suppression laws, this is a mathematical certainty. Michele Bachmann will be the first female President of the United States, at least as things stand right now. While Washington is playing silly games over raising the debt ceiling, the vast majority of Americans care about one thing and one thing only – jobs.

Since the republican party has assumed power, compliments of the Tea Party tsunami last November, not a single jobs bill has been presented to Obama for his signature. However, republicans have done a marvelous job torturing logic and have put this failure squarely on Obama. Hell, Obama’s solution to the debt crisis cuts the deficit more than the republican’s plan; but because it increases revenues, the Tea Party will never go along with it. Another in a long list of failures by this Administration; caused by republicans, for which Obama is blamed.

To my point about Marcus Bachmann. He will be the first First Man. He’s been getting quite a lot of heat for battling his own demons, with regard to his homosexuality. And most of the attacks are coming from liberals, who usually support the LGBT community. We’re sending the wrong message. The culture wars will only escalate once a gay republican moves into the White House. Will we be divided by partisanship? Or will we be united in the struggle for equal rights for all Americans…

Eric, don’t call my bluff.

Liberals are pissed at Barack Obama, again… So, what else is new? They’re mad at him because he didn’t walk out on yesterday’s debt ceiling meeting.

Early reports were that Eric Cantor said Obama stormed out of the meeting. Later reports confirmed Cantor interrupted the President three times as he was trying to wrap up what turned out to be a very contentious meeting. Cantor was pressing for a short-term deal that had already been struck down.

Obama warned: “I’m going to take this to the American people.” Obama would not back down on a comprehensive deal to raise debt ceiling, even if it jeopardizes his reelection chances. “Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here?” he reportedly asked. “I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this.”

Liberals immediately went after Obama the moment they heard that. Obama is weak… Obama is spineless…

Really? Listen to what he wants out of this deal. He wants an end to ethanol subsidies. He wants hedge-fund managers to pay income tax instead of capital gains tax. He wants guys who own yachts to not be able to get a second-home mortgage deduction on them.

To republicans, Obama is Karl Marx. To democrats, he’s Neville Chamberlain. The real hindrance to getting a deal done isn’t Obama. It’s not even John Boehner, he’s trying to navigate through rough waters within his own party; and those waters are being churned by none other than – Eric Cantor.